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 Pearl with any good ideas?

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PostSubject: Pearl with any good ideas?   Thu 18 Jul 2013 - 10:36

Pearl with any good ideas?

You might wonder off, pearls can also be so skillfully.
Pearl symbolizes success, happiness and wealth, mainly women gems. Some even say that "even pearls nor woman, not a real woman." So choose pearl jewelry for personal use or gift is a good choice. With pearl jewelry should be from clothing collar styles, clothing color, color, age, identity, using the occasion and other considerations, in harmony with the surrounding environment selection of jewelry styles. Pearl although the United States, with the right mix is the character two America.

A clever use of jewelry office
Office wear jewelry should be noted that taste, style choices. Consider clothing color, style and other factors, choose simple and elegant jewelry always you will not regret approach.
25-year-old woman to use a smaller, yet delicate pearl set of ornaments as well, if you often wear a white shirt stand collar coupled with a 3mm inner delicate lavender pearl necklace, plus a matching earrings , can give your boss leaving a mature sound, work ability, work reassuring feeling; higher management positions women should behave taste from the perspective of their choice of a fine texture, color and elegant pearl jewelry , it can help you shape plain, rich content, sensible, understand life, easy to communicate the overall image. See First Lady Hillary Clinton. Pearls are often worn her speech occasion decoration. The recent campaign speeches in pearl or her partner. Harmony norms wear plus medium size, simple design pearl jewelry that she gives the impression of elegant yet approachable.
Two social gatherings jewelry clever useCheap pearl brooches

Socially reveal your taste and personality of the great opportunity. You can take this opportunity to let people know around the other side of your personality. Dinner with a choice of pearl jewelry can be considered stressed, showing elegant exotic styles, such as a large and prominent ornate inlaid pearl diamond jewelry.
3 Using the wedding jewelry
Attend a wedding should be avoided easily and to generate overwhelming feeling overly rhetorical decoration. Can pursue elegant decent, fresh and elegant with the overall effect.
Bright pearls, is indispensable wedding jewelry accessories, how to dress with pearl accessories to make the most perfect match it? Here offer you some pearls and dress collocation tips.
First of pearl jewelry styles are divided into: rings, earrings, necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pearl string ...... and so on, can be used with a variety of styles wedding dress. With a string of pearls refining, for example, is very suitable with boat neck, spaghetti straps, card type and cup-style shoulder wedding dress, with a string of pearls refining embellishment, not only highlights the bride neck graceful lines, and more wedding dress can add elegant temperament.
Long beads in a dress halter style wedding dress, it has the finishing touch. Lin Li Workshops PR Huang Xiangyun said that when the bride wore a halter-style dress, you can wear long beads to make a variety of changes, such as long scarves style beads to go into law to wear; or to beads with a gradient dress to wear on the way back, so that a natural drape pearl effect, so that the back curve of the bride more beautiful embellishment.
As for the wedding dress and pearl jewelry mix of skills, we must first determine the main and accessories and dress the points, if the bride wearing style simple pearl jewelry, you can choose a style fancy wedding dress; If the bride choose the more luxurious jewelry styles , simple but elegant wedding dress style is appropriate places.
In addition, pearls can also be directly applied to the design of the dress, such as the wedding dress neckline, cuffs and waist, to make key style pearl embellishment, while part of the veil is decorated with pearls and very beautiful ah! Long as the grasp of the pearl Features to be played, but the wedding dress pearl best partner too!
4 Fashion Liangzhuang
Popular fancy necklace, pearl and crystal, stone, color line, made with transparent fishing line, suitable for almost all nowadays Decorated, colorful dyed pearls is a good choice.
5 pearls and RobesCheap pearl earrings

Cheongsam tone colors should be appropriate with pearls, beads necklace suitable for use with solid color dress collocation, color complex cheongsam should be accompanied by pearl earrings or rings, Fang was noble.
With these magical, your pearl jewelry will be able to play a greater value.
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Pearl with any good ideas?
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