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 How to choose the Black Pearl?

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PostSubject: How to choose the Black Pearl?   Thu 18 Jul 2013 - 10:43

How to choose the Black Pearl?

Black Pearl selection, identification methods are as follows:
Can generally be divided into the following three categories:
1 natural black pearl.
Nuclear plants cultured black pearls (in Pentad margaritifera coming in farming, may be some sort of mother of pearl). This mother of pearl live in French Polynesia atoll waters.
2 rare brown to black seedless cultured pearls
Color varieties in the growing economic reform colored pearls, including dyed black pearls, pearls radiation, as well as the latest emerging so-called "laser treatment" pearl.
3, with shells made of black imitation pearls.
Some rare imitation, the surface is covered with a layer of spherical nucleus blackened essence de orient film made, or made of beads shaped and polished, black pearl luster after having made of shells.
Distinguish natural black pearl and cultured black pearl, black pearl color change and imitation. Careful observation coated pearl luster, pearl found that it comes from the polymer thin underneath without being processed pearl from most surfaces. Can also be observed on the top side pearl color is not normal reflex, which also contribute to the detection of such pearls. This pearl color with pink tone from the top and side with blue tone; treated this way purplish black pearl top and side with a green tint.Cheap pearl brooches

Quality pure black pearl features include:
A particularly smooth surface of the pearl.
2 pearl feels a certain sticky feeling.
3 plus stacked lamellae pearl edge microscopic, and can cause depression and see a sharp and colorless coating.
It can be said that market discipline: as long as there is a good market for a commodity, it is inevitable that its counterfeit. Black Pearl is no exception. Jewelers we can easily see in the so-called "Black Pearl", but some traders have forgotten in "black" before "dyed" word. When you ask these black pearls are not really time profiteers can unashamedly tricky answer: This is really cultured pearls. well, is really seawater or freshwater cultured pearls dyed together, but he should tell you the beads after the machining process of dyeing, like selling jade should tell whether the optimized treatment B, C cargo and the same, of course, does not tell you this is not illegal in China, but in the Black Pearl the main origin --- Tahiti (Tahiti, also known as Tahiti), if the merchant will sell dyed pearls, he got in return is jail!
Dyed pearl common means no more than several:
The pearl silver handle ---- ammonia into nitrate and dilute solution soak, then glare reduction or hydrogen sulfide gas, so that the color of a black pearl.
Ray irradiation ---- The pearl on the cobalt source gamma ray irradiation from black.
With stained bead core ---- The bead core contingent after the implantation of the black pearl, when pearl is formed, so that the surface of the black pearl nucleus translucent nacre seem to have become black.
Film coated ---- The thin layer of black gelatinous coating on the surface of the pearl.
To distinguish dyed pearls, said Yi is not easy, that is difficult is not difficult. Grasp the following common sense observation with your eyes, you should know that one pretty close.
Color ---- Black Pearl has different shades of light gray to black in color, and its beauty lies on tone look with color would slowly turn black pearl, you can see a slight rainbow flash constantly changing. No two pearls are identical. If you see a bunch of (even a few) consistent uniform dark color, iridescence gaudy black pearl, you can almost be sure it was dyed beads. dyed Color sluggish, and in drilling and blemishes gathering place of deep black, which at times easily observed under a magnifying glass.
Shape ---- you see whether the particular round black pearl, fine round black pearl is extremely rare, the value is also high. Typical black pearl flat round, pear, oval, irregular shape, many with defects or ring, so you see the "Value Black Pearl" is a light skin Rocha and very "round" America, then it is most likely dyed.
Size ---- Chinese or Japanese saltwater pearls, usually not more than nine millimeters in diameter, while the smallest diameter of the Black Pearl have eight to nine millimeters, so less than eight mm round black pearl, mostly dyed beads.Cheap pearl earrings

Price ---- you see a black pearl is surprisingly cheap? An eight mm round black pearl prices in the thousand or more, of the same size is only worth a dyed pearls, two hundred yuan and if you are lucky enough to use appropriate The price to buy black pearls, Jin Kee requirements stated on the receipt businessman pearl color is natural.
If you want to buy high value black pearls, and more methods of identification still worried, why do not consider take jewelry appraisal unit with the instrument to make a precise appraisal:
UV fluorescence under UV irradiation test ----, black pearl often fluorescent, coffee color from bright red to red range, but most do not dyed pearl reaction to ultraviolet light, or showing a stay pale green fluorescence.
X-ray test ---- X light emitted movie, can dyed pearls with silver handle appears, dyed beads pearl beads and quality of light white circle appears between nuclear prove their coloring ingredients.
X-ray fluorescence test ---- pearl issued under the X-ray radiation of a specific wavelength, the wavelength spectroscopic measuring the amount of degrees, can detect the presence of chemical composition and silver.
Infrared photography with infrared film will test ---- filmed Pearl, Black Pearl images appear bluish, but dyed pearls with silver handle image rendering yellow, or green-blue to yellow-green color.
None of the above causes damage pearls. Meanwhile, we do not recommend rubbed with shaving powder or dilute acid such destructive testing methods. Saying goes: to find a reputable professional pearl suppliers, their knowledgeable and honest, and disdains with a reputation to cheat your money.
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How to choose the Black Pearl?
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