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 What is the medicinal value of pearls?

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PostSubject: What is the medicinal value of pearls?   Thu 18 Jul 2013 - 10:10

What is the medicinal value of pearls?

Pearl-containing transition metal element such as manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, molybdenum, etc., in their atomic structure in the d-shell of less than can be formed of different valence metal ions which in addition to the enzyme active site of a or stimulate the activity of the enzyme, but also extensively involved redo reactions in the human body. As the electron transfer (such as ferredoxin, cytochrome, etc.) and oxygen carrier (such as hemoglobin, myoglobin) is an indispensable component, the metal ions as a more important function of the enzyme activator and the enzyme composition of the metal. It can be seen pearl (pink) on the human body.
Pearl variety of amino acids contained in the new array involved in human metabolism are also able to display their talents. Heroine is the absence of a chelating agent, treatment of iron deficiency anemia; histamine can cure stomach ulcer, anemia, arthritis; lysine can promote growth, cure anemia and hyperammonemia; aspartame ammonia Acid treatment of hepatitis, liver wrong crowds, cirrhosis; praline can accelerate wound healing, treatment of chronic hepatitis; tyrosine is converted into a precursor of thyroid hormone and epinephrine; leonine promote growth, promote renal fluid secretion; lysine can inhibit gastric acid secretion, muscle weakness and other treatment. Overall variety of amino acids for the maintenance of nitrogen balance, Ho is required. Therefore, a new array of uniforms can enhance metabolic function and promote the regeneration of cells on the surface, make the skin soft, white, delicate, moist, smooth, reduce wrinkles, prevent aging and rejuvenated.Cheap real pearl jewerly

As for wearing pearl jewelry can cure some disease mechanisms have to be in-depth study. From the examples reported, due to close to the person's neck pearls, its active ingredient may enter the body by friction, a pearl absorption fluid secretion, skin medicines contained in the pearl is also absorbed, and even affect local lesion , from the anti-inflammatory treatment; As can treat neurasthenia, because the pearl has Anticonvulsant sedative effect, but how pearl necklace is also worth sedative effect from specific studies. Wearing a string of pearls can cure, this is not to say canard. Of course, wearing beads is not a panacea, the effect varies.
Scientifically taking pearl powder has significantly reduce the role of serum lipid per oxidation, and this lipid and protein binding can generate lipofuscin (age spots), which is good Empress Dowager Jixi with pearl beauty contents. Clinically useful in medicine Pearl Powder (water beads) successful treatment of children with high fever, convulsions flat surprise given the multiple cases. This is the pearl powder can Anticonvulsant only twitch, medical detoxification effect.Cheap pearl bracelet

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What is the medicinal value of pearls?
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