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 Wall Street chiefs do not change Chrysostom Soros heavily lo

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Wall Street chiefs do not change Chrysostom Soros heavily lo Empty
PostSubject: Wall Street chiefs do not change Chrysostom Soros heavily lo   Wall Street chiefs do not change Chrysostom Soros heavily lo Icon_minitimeThu 18 Jul 2013 - 9:58

Wall Street chiefs do not change Chrysostom Soros heavily loaded with gold

"The current situation of people selling gold is a big mistake," Europe Pacific (12.08,0.43,3.69%) Capital (Euro Pacific Capital) senior economist Michael Pang care (Michael pinto) 11 月 22, said "When the real interest rate is positive, the gold bull market will end, but we are still far from the day the Federal Reserve consider themselves to be issued more money, in order to suppress the rise in real interest rates and save the economy."

Pang Torre Carter, the two Koreas exchanged fire message again stimulate the market for a new high price of gold vision.

At the same time, domestic and foreign investment for gold this fascinating subject of enthusiasm rose to an unprecedented degree. Reporters learned that two of gold as an investment theme QDII - Lion Global Gold Securities Investment Fund EFUND gold theme Securities Investment Fund has been accepted by the SFC.Cheap pearl brooches

"There is still going SFC approval procedures should be issued early next year." A Lion Fund company insiders told reporters that "from the current bank and other sales channels to the feedback it seems, they are our gold QDII very interested. "

In addition, gold investment channels for wider international market, with Paulson hedge funds as represented by a series of international hedge fund speculators are three quarter continued, "obsessed" golden share.

Seen in this light, domestic and foreign institutions are, and not for the pressure of the situation preceding the gold shaken "mistakes", the 90 years they are still the largest gold bull market to lose ground.

Gold QDII title disease into two pieces of gold as an investment theme QDII is gaining momentum.

Lion Global Gold investment which is the subject of overseas-listed gold ETF, the Lion Fund insiders told reporters that the QDII at least to cast five more gold ETF, the allocation ratio of 80% to 95%, which The world's largest gold ETF - SPDR Gold Trust stock SPDR Gold Trust will be the subject of one of the investment.

Set up this year's global resources QDII investment income this year rate up 14.5 percent, QDII sea swept away the haze, it is derived from the fund to invest in resource classes including gold investment themes.

As a resource theme QDII, global resources investment investments are concentrated in the energy and raw materials industries. Its latest three quarterly show, ten Awkwardness no fatigue Tinto, BHP Billiton mining giants such, as well as Barrack Gold Corp., Canadian gold companies.

The Global Resources Fund QDII investment fund managers Ushiwaka Lei told reporters that the current gold resource remains its investment in one of the three main varieties. "Gold resources beginning from the barn has been our main investment products."

"We are at the beginning of time to invest in mining stocks when the investment is considered more than simply the commodity itself, the effect will be a little better, such as the price of gold rose 10%, 20% after these shares may be reflected in the doubling performance, but this is flexible, depending on the trend of commodity-related stocks investors in commodity prices for the phased expectations. "Niue said.

For overseas gold resource stocks currently represents the main resource stocks valuations, Ushiwaka Lei believes that its upside still exists.

"Resource valuations still depends on the following commodities to determine the trend. Many resources stocks rose after this wave, we feel that their share price is not very cheap, but if the current spot price of these resources stock re-valuation if, in fact they are still relatively reasonable valuation, if you take the current resource commodity valuations with 2007, when the peak ratio, such as colored this one, it is less than half of 2007, while in This is one of energy, such as oil is still far to the highest valuation in 2007 to half, so that we feel that resources stocks still some upside. "Cheap pearl earrings

Wall Street chiefs continue, "Nuggets"

Side of the car, the domestic QDII is on the gold bull market begin to imagine, one hand, Wall Street bigwigs are still at least 90 years the most powerful gold bull market continues to lose ground.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs issued over the next 12 months, the price of gold will rise to $ 1,650 / oz and is expected precious commodity in the next year to produce the best return signal. In the Nov. 22 SEC recently released documents show that former Goldman Sachs to help regulatory representatives, the former Goldman Sachs fund trader Chris Shum Wei helm of hedge funds crashed and dynamic, in the third quarter of the 210 million gallon The world's largest gold ETF - SPDR Gold Trust (GLD).

Similar experience with Dan Loeb (Dan Loeb), his command of the third point fund (Third Point) also gallon SPDR Gold Trust 11.5 million shares. In addition, the Highland capital (High fields Capital) season also buying 210 million shares and 20 million shares of SPDR Gold Trust Market Vectors Gold Miners Gold Mining.

This year, gold has been behind John - Paulson (John Paulson), as of September 30, it still holds 31.5 million copies of SPDR Gold Trust, the total share of the gold ETF positions of 7.4%. SPDR Gold Trust remained Paulson's largest position, accounting for 17.6% of the portfolio, as of September 30, the part position has been worth $ 4 billion, compared with $ 3.83 billion at end-June rose 4.44 percent.

In addition, three quarters of Soros still held 4,697,000 copies of SPDR Gold Trust, is the first large heavily loaded Soros assets of 8.98% of its portfolio.
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Wall Street chiefs do not change Chrysostom Soros heavily lo
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