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 India temple is at present amazing treasures of gold valued

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PostSubject: India temple is at present amazing treasures of gold valued    Thu 18 Jul 2013 - 9:49

India temple is at present amazing treasures of gold valued hundred billion dollars

BEIJING, July 3, according to Hong Kong, "Went Wei Po" Site 3 reported that recently, a Hindu temple in southern India inventory of assets, in a 139 years have not opened an underground room and found thousands of years ago, gold coins, gold and made of diamonds and jewelry, and other jewelry, amazing value, it is estimated that up to "tens of billions" dollar.
A chamber found a large gold diamond worth hundred billion dollars

According to reports, India's Supreme Court recently ordered the inventory of Kerala in the country of Parma Napa Shi Swami Temple (Padmanabhaswamy), 6 underground chamber in the temple, A, B two chamber has not opened over 139 years . Firefighters and archaeological departments in the assistance of a seven-member team to enter the Chamber of Secrets A count of which had hidden treasure.Cheap pearl brooches

According to reports, this chamber was discovered thousands of years ago is believed to nine feet long and weighs 2.5 kilograms of gold necklaces, nearly 1 ton of gold jewelry, antique jewelry and diamonds, precious stones and Crown, etc.; and 17 kilograms East India Company period of gold, as well as 18 early 19th century Napoleonic coins, weighing over one ton of gold, and a small elephant made of gold, etc., according to estimated total value of over 500 billion rupees (about $ 11.2 billion, 72.4 billion Yuan ). Since inventory has not been completed, the estimated total value of the treasure will be more alarming.

Another commando protection to be opened the Chamber of Secrets

Reported that as many treasures are gold and diamonds, but are antiques, being difficult to estimate its value, can only measure of weight. Inventory of staff, said more than a week next time, will continue to explore the treasure. Kerala Administrative Officer Jayakumar said that there is a room is not open, is currently not possible to estimate the total value of these ancient treasures.

According to reports, from India since independence in 1947, the temple has been run by the 18th century where the soil Bang Teal Division descendants of the royal family established the trust property management, but the temple security personnel without adequate protection, the court ruled that the State management, protection temple treasures. Local police have installed CCTV and alarm for the temple, the authorities also sent shock troops closely guarded the temple, to prevent coveted treasure criminals stole disarray.Cheap pearl earrings

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India temple is at present amazing treasures of gold valued
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