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 How do you know when to use which golf club for what situati

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PostSubject: How do you know when to use which golf club for what situati   Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 7:41

How do you know when to use which golf club for what situation?
I will suggest a step-by-step process for you.
1 - Go to the golf channel.com and sit and watch a few swings to get a little bit of an idea of what you will do when you swing a club. Search on "baseball grip" to show how to hold a club (forget the Varden grip for now.)
2 - Practice inside the house (NO CLUB) and just get into what I call the "ready position." Pick ANY sport and get into that sport's ready position. Tennis, Football (think middle linebacker stance, guard in basketball, baseball, etc.) Basically, weight lower than standing up straight, shoulders back, chest forward, knees bent, etc.
3 - Now hit the range with just the 5 Iron and the Putter. No more, no less.
3a. Start with swinging BOTH clubs VERY relaxed and no balls. Do this from the athletic position you practiced about a dozen times.
3b. Put down the putter and swing again but this time there will be a ball on the ground. Hit (or at least try) about a dozen balls. REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN and RELAX... A golf swing happens, and the ball gets in the way of the Cheap Golf Clubs
3c. Look up and down the range and pick out someone that hits well. Don't bother them, but just watch. Their tempo (speed) is slow, relaxed, balanced, etc. Mimic this form, speed, etc. Hit the 5 from a full swing, a 3/4, a 1/2 and a 1/4 swing. This will get you an idea that with just one iron you can hit the ball anywhere between X and 1/4 of X. (See note below later.)
4. Hit a dozen more at each % of maximum. It should take about 5 minutes per.
5. Take the putter to the putting green and practice a few shots there. This too requires tempo. The idea is to have the putter swing as it were a pendulum (sp?). Straight back and straight forward - the ball again just gets in the way.
6. Do this about every other day until your first day on the links. Remember, Cheap Golf Clubs
 is supposed to be a relaxing sport. No pressure, no rush. Enjoy your time with a friend.
7. When you go to the course the first time, go ahead and bring as many clubs as you want, but ONLY use the 5 and the putter. (see explanation below.) Yeah, it sounds dorky, but it will work.
7. On course, do not keep score, but also, don't take more than 8 shots on a par 5, 7 on a par 4 and 5 on a par 3 so that the group behind you doesn't get mad and bomb one on top of your head.
8. Agree up front with your partner(s) that you won't be scoring but will keep up, you will take the ball out of bunkers (sand traps - but will rake them), nothing played from the trees, rocks, etc.
9. Have fun, wear a hat on a hot day, wear sunscreen, don't drink too much.
*** 5 Iron explanation ***
The 5 Iron is typically the easiest iron for first-time golfers and with an average male with decent athletic skills can hit a ball up to about 150 yards. On a 500 yard par five, if the 5 is used to tee-off and hit the second, and third shots, the yardage will be 500, 350, 200, 50. So, the player will have about 50 yards to go when hitting their 4th shot. A nice and easy 1/4 swing will get you there. Then even with three putting, you have negotiated this in 7 strokes. Good job!
I am in no way an expert golfer, but used this a few days ago just for fun while walking a neighbors dogs on a par-5 540 yard hole. I made boggie ( on in 4, and two putted - still using the 5 iron). I hit my 5 iron about 165-170.
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PostSubject: Re: How do you know when to use which golf club for what situati   Fri 5 Jul 2013 - 4:37

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How do you know when to use which golf club for what situati
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