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 Does anyone know the proper way to drive a golf ball?

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PostSubject: Does anyone know the proper way to drive a golf ball?   Mon 8 Apr 2013 - 9:01

Does anyone know the proper way to drive a golf ball?
I have trying to teach myself how to drive a golf ball for a couple of years now.TaylorMade RocketBladez RBZ Irons I still have no success at this present time. My grip and swing are disastrous, what type of aid should I buy to help me overcome these issues? I can't afford private lessons so please no recommendations of that nature.

Well, your question is a good one. Many people struggle with a driver, I know that I have.You may want to get fitted with a good driver, or, it does not cost much to have a pro measure your swing speed and check your driver to see if it fits your swing.
You say that your grip is 'disastrous'. I grip a 5 iron the same way that I grip a driver. Consequently, if my grip is disastrous on a driver,or any other club for that matter, I'm in deep doo doo. You can go to U-tube and find many different FREE instructional video's that will explain the different golf grips and why different people choose their grip. Start out by holding the club shaft in your 'fingers',hold the club up holding it only with your fingers. You can overlap or interlock your pinky, whichever suits you. Your hands should 'hinge' freely if you hold that puppy in your fingers, and this will give you more 'feel'.
The best golf aid is information.TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Fairway Wood It took Ben Hogan 11 years to find his golf swing. He had to "Dig it out of the dirt". I'm not saying that you have to beat balls for 8 hrs a day like Ben did. But you do need to 'structure' your practice at the range and work to find the proper way for "you". This is what I hear instructors say many times, the proper way for you as an individual is the most effective.
Shorten up your back swing, low and slow on the back swing.
Don't try and murder the ball, nice smooth swing.
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Does anyone know the proper way to drive a golf ball?
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