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 What are your all time favorite golf tips?

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PostSubject: What are your all time favorite golf tips?   Mon 8 Apr 2013 - 8:22

What are your all time favorite golf tips?
I want to know what your all time favorite golf tips are. Not just the obvious ones.TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Combo Set Tips that may of helped u a lot with your game. Lets see who can give the best.

1. Connection drill - take either two small headcovers or two golf gloves and place them under your arms. Using a pitching wedge, make 10 three quarter swings only focusing on not dropping the items under your arms. This is done by some of the best in the business these days - Padraig, Vijay, etc... Just be sure to stick with short shots on this drill. It's purpose is to get the big & small muscles of the upper body working in sequence together.

2. Balance drill A - Hit 15 shots and with each shot, hold your finish until the ball lands. As simple as it is, it's a fantastic drill for developing real consistency over the long term. Think this is too simple for your liking, you Tiger & Phil wannabes? Go to your local course and watch the golfers on the range/course. How many of them hold their finishes (and how many of them can break 100)? Now watch 5 minutes of PGA/LPGA Tour golf on TV. How many hold their finishes? And how good are they again? Try it and you'll surprise yourself.

3. Balance drill B - Place 5 golf balls in a line that's perpendicular to your target line/foot line, all about 3 inches apart. Back up about ten feet from the golf balls and with club in hand, stand on one leg (for RH golfers, your left leg).TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver W/o using your club as a crutch, hop over to the closest ball and make as balanced a swing as you can, being sure to use your body to turn back & thru (not your hands & wrists).

After impact, try to really get thru the ball to the point that you almost have to hop to maintain your balance. Once you've accomplished this, don't put your right leg down. Remember, you still have 4 more balls to hit.
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What are your all time favorite golf tips?
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