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 Be confident and hit long irons purely

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PostSubject: Be confident and hit long irons purely   Thu 8 Nov 2012 - 7:35

Hitting an iron straight has been a challenge for many golfers, no matter their skill level. It's crucial to maintain a straight trajectory, whether hitting off off the tee or shooting at the pin with a short iron. By keeping the ball on a straight path, you're shortening the course and lowering your score with your Mizuno MX-300 Irons. Learning the proper techniques and mental approach is key to succeeding on the golf course. Once you learn how to hit your irons straight, you'll be able to draw the ball and add backspin to the shot.

Ball position is the first thing to check if you're making poor contact with your irons. Sometimes the ball creeps up or back in your stance, and a simple fix can make all the difference. I play my short irons in the center, my middle irons an inch forward, and my long irons another inch forward. Here I'm hitting a 6-iron of the Titleist 712 AP1 Irons. One swing thought I use for all full shots, including my irons, is to keep my right arm fairly straight on the takeaway. This helps me make a shoulder turn and not just lift my arms. From the top, I start down by pushing off my right foot. With my weight left, I turn my hips through, making room for my arms to swing into impact.

The best way to consistently hit solid long iron shots is to shape the ball, whether it is a fade or a draw. For a fade, just open up your stance a little bit and use an outside-in swing path according to http://www.golfcityuk.com/. The opposite can be done for a draw. Make sure to keep the lower half of the body still on the backswing, and clear the hips out on the follow through. A good phrase to remember when hitting a long iron shot is to "finish high and let it fly." When you follow through on the shot, remember to finish high, as this will help you get the ball in the air more with your Ping i20 Irons
. Also, a lot of it has to do with the mental aspect as well. If you have a negative mindset going into the shot you are most likely going to hit a bad shot. To combat this, go to the driving range and alternate shots between a club you are comfortable with and a 3 or 4 iron. Gain confidence by hitting the former purely and then hitting the long iron.

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Heartache Every Moment
Heartache Every Moment

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PostSubject: Re: Be confident and hit long irons purely   Thu 29 Nov 2012 - 8:18

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Be confident and hit long irons purely
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