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 How to pair a qualified club?

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PostSubject: How to pair a qualified club?   Thu 25 Oct 2012 - 4:15

We all know that golf needed club, we are a major golf tournament is holding a little white ball club, then swing. Then you know that I do not know, the club's production specifications? Clubhead and shaft how to pair a qualified club? Today about it.

Is the center of gravity of the head on the intersection of the equilibrium line. The center of gravity of the term: the center of gravity is sometimes referred to as the sweet spot. This name to express the feeling of hitting the head center of gravity. for example G20 Drivee. In fact the center of gravity is only a small point of the head inside the sweet spot is regarded as part of the face surface. The other commonly used phrase is a higher center of gravity and a lower center of gravity. They said the head where the balance point is usually the position. Any club head's center of gravity can be represented by X, Y, and Z axes so as to accurately marked on the center of gravity and compared with the other head. The weight distribution of the definition.

According the focus placed clubhead substances. Weight distribution terms: weight distribution can be used the phrase to describe the clubhead material distribution. For irons and woods, the vicinity weight distribution means is the the most clubhead substance is placed on the head outer and away from the center of gravity. Means away from the center of gravity is in the irons the clubhead substance is placed in the position of the center of gravity later. Other phrases G20 Hybrid to describe the weight distribution as well as hollow irons, edge backward, liquidity weight distribution head tail weight distribution, and clubhead front weight distribution and so on. Weight distribution is used to control the torque of the clubhead internal material, it can be used to describe the ability of the head after impact resist after the spin forces.

The wooden club face at the top to the bottom of the curve design. The level of face-expanding convex curvature of accurately hitting a lot of help, but had no such uses vertical face bulging radians. Experiments show that: the face convex curvature of the vertical expansion WOOD Head, Ping G20 Irons is also very easy to use. Those ball position is too high or too low, the golfers hit the pole surface, not the vertical face bulging curvature of the design of wood head, www.golfselluk.com should be better than those of the design WOOD Head with some. But in fact, the vertical curvature of the bulging of the face is still used for all the wood club head designs. Lever perpendicular to the plane bulging curvature terms: typically vertical face bulging arc referred to as "vertical bulging radians, http://www.disconutgolf.com/ and the level of bulging radians vertical bulging radians is expressed in inches or millimeters.
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How to pair a qualified club?
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