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  My experience on close shot magic

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Heartache Every Moment

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PostSubject: My experience on close shot magic    Sat 28 Apr 2012 - 9:25

My experience on close shot magic

I am a magic fan and I am in the field of 2012 magic tricks
for more than 8 years. I want to write my experience or some interesting stories about the close shot partyshow to you at the moment. The so-called close shot partyshow is to perform special close shot magic for friends,families or customers randomly at parties. It is my favorite performance form,and also is the session of the performance I have played most during these recent days.

This kind of show usually varied in form.Now I would like to introduce my own experience on magic field,and hope to exchange ideas with eath other.

1,My faverite occasion is relatively bright and fulled of quiet atmosphere. Because I think this kind of occasion is apter to control the audience's heart and is easier to exchange with the audience, especially the Eye contact. So I will set up the field like this as much as possible.

2,If you are inclined to mix the graceful music in this kind of performance, you'd better to know some magicians in close shot magic field.Personally,I do not like play music when I doing this kind of performance,because sometimes I need to change the performance atmosphere,and in this case music maybe has the opposite effect instead of matching the atmosphere.It's only my opinion,and you all?

3,The magic for beginning is extraordinary important, for it will determine how the audiences think about you within the following hour. I discuss for a long time on the question with Yif- a French magician. and of nationality once, I think the magician must let audience think this person on the stage in front of them is " god " at the beginning of magic performance instead of a boy next door performing conjuring tricks at a meeting.
Perhaps this supernatural word "god" seems a bit serious, but it's the truth. The performance should make audiences believe that the power of magic is attributing to the magician,not in a prop.

4,The atmosphere is also a extraordinary important factor. In my heart, the amazing magic tricks
must be a magical journey of a section of win-win,rather than a enigma of win-lose.So don't pose as a sense of superiority.It doesn't matter whether your audience is a customer or a friend,the first thing you should do is to change them into friends.Relaxed and lively atmosphere helps you to catch each off-beat and realize some good effects.

I have already write so long unconsciously.I hope you all not to be bored. Welcome everybody to exchange and supplement with me.

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My experience on close shot magic
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