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  A miracle of the envelope

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Heartache Every Moment

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PostSubject: A miracle of the envelope    Thu 1 Mar 2012 - 13:15

A miracle of the envelope
This magic trick is shared to those enthusiasts who love magic and want to perform magic to others.
Firstly, you should take out a deck of cards to your spectator and tell him to shuffle the card thoroughly, then tell him that the card has been very messy and please hold the card in his left hand, and deal the cards one by one by to the table till he want to stop it. Then take out your
magic props from your pocket on the table, an envelope, while you are saying to audience and him, please open the envelope, then he will find inside another small envelope. At that time, you say to him “you can put this small envelope aside, turn over the card he stopped it just now. And show it to the audience (We suppose it to be heart Cool”.Then you continue to say “well, please open this small envelope.” The consequence is a piece of heart 8! It is astonished to everyone that magician does not touch the cards over the whole process, how does he know the audience’s card. How can he read the audience minds?
The is you must prepare a heart 8 and put it into the small envelope before this magic and put it into the big one, then select the heart 8 from cards on the table, the backside of the heart 8 sticking to envelope. Then you put these two things in your pocket, finally the preparations declares completed. When the audience stop the card, you should take out the both the envelope and the heart 8.Remenber, do not let them see the heart 8.Put the envelope on that desk of card he stopped it just now. As a result, the heart 8 is successful to set on that desk of card he stopped it.
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A miracle of the envelope
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