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 This will be your very worth having

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Heartache Every Moment
Heartache Every Moment

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PostSubject: This will be your very worth having   Thu 23 Feb 2012 - 10:03

I went to my favorite golf stores, found that the latest Titleist AP2 712 Irons.My old friend Tom told me that New Titleist VG3 Irons Provide 100% original/authentic AP2 712 Irons,#4-Pw 7pcs total per set come with steel shafts.

Titleist AP2 712 Irons Share:
The most interesting thing is that Titleist AP2 712features variable placement for the tungsten weights on the sole depending on the iron just like on the driver.
The iron is most likely premium Japan forged by Endo which typically does the advanced multi piece forgings and does manufacture the AP2 712 already for Titleist as well as most of Titleist Japan's forged irons.
What surprise is that The AP2 712 is longer from heel to toe and features small offset with a mid sized top line and sole.

This was an entirely new concept that Titleist Japan & Titleist US worked together on to create. They wanted to appeal not only to the higher swing speed golfers but also the average club head speed as well. They did this by creating a Variable Gravity and CG position for different lofts…that is where it gets its name VG which stands for "Variable Gravity".
As time progressed I began to face reality and finally realized that when it came to Golf irons it was quality over quantity. I remember wanting to kick myself thinking why I didn't see this four sets or irons ago. I started to kind of feel a little bad about hiding these things from my wife and decided to finally end this sneaky treachery and dispose of them.
So I listed all four sets on Craigslist for an unheard of low price and sold them all in less than a week. Now I was back at square one and did not have one set of irons to use. I must admit that at first I felt like I had sold my soul and there was nothing left of me but now that I think back on what I did I could not be happier. I set out to get my hands on the best quality iron set that I could find. After searching around for almost two weeks I ended up with the AP2 712 Irons reviews in which all members talked highly about these clubs and showed improvements in their scores too. The other irons like Taylormade Diablo forged irons just did not seem to have the required features in them.
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This will be your very worth having
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